What is it’ all about


 My name is Trish ,

This blog is about my struggles with Bipolar, Addiction, Relapse and Recovery It will be written with humor, brutally honesty, uncensored, seriousness in all the ways, that suit the story or subject in each and every post.

I love to get feedback,and comments, that is what keeps me sharp, makes me learn and see things also from different angles and/or perspectives.  

There is no better school than life itself. Honestly I probably will write about
anything that has my attention so there will definitely be plenty of reading pleasure for all.  Thanks for visiting and please 


      Take the woman.

Check her eyes and her skin to make sure that she hasn’t gone past the sell-by-date.

Add the guilt, anticipation, insecurity, excitement, despair and panic ,let’s not forget about the manic moments , often added with a splash depression followed by a shot vodka on the side .

Mix thoroughly and leave to simmer.

In a medium size bathroom prepare the woman by shaving her legs , coloring the grey hair and painting her toe nails. But this only after the dead skin on the heels have been scrubbed away. Baste generously in expensive body lotion . Add the stockings, a matching pair of panties ( in hopes that you have a G-string large enough ) and sexy push up bra.  In my case I must admit I have been blessed not to be concerned with this… but keeping them up is a whole new ball game ! She has a couple of practice runs at looking seductive in the mirror by letting her hair fall over her face and batting the fake eyelashes .

Now in closing add a generous amount of whore-red lipstick, with many layers of mascara, a short mini that was hot in the 80’s. And last of all, add the “come **** me pumps” only now they are silk black flats instead of pumps.

Add one bottle of Wine , Vodka. Later there is no trace of the smiling well made up, semi attractive woman who once looked back in the mirror. Only a red face , puffy eyed, blotchy-skinned wreck,  it was time for a change .





Women for Sobriety


30 responses to “What is it’ all about

  1. Your posts hit me right between the eyes. Seems we’ve traveled a few of the same paths, if not all. PLEASE forgive me if this is some kind of no-no to ask, but I’m wondering if I might excerpt and feature any of your posts on my blog, of course only with your permission first and with credit well due. “Anonymous” and “Yesterday I Cried” are just some of them. If nothing else, thanks for your courage and wit and for sharing them, Rock on, sister.


    • thanks .. Of course that would be just fine.. I am at work right now but I will get back with you later tonight… ( I hate Mondays )


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    • I am over the moon for any award, I have finally found something that I have passion in, I know that I have alot to learn as far as blogging , I listen, I share and I do it with all my heart , thank you


  3. You have been nominated..

    Versatile Blogger Award


    1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

    2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

    3. Share 7 random things about yourself.

    4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

    5. Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” logo to your blog post.


  4. Thanks for following me, check out my older work, it’s much more inspired. As a fellow nut-bag I’m saying hold tight, and keep writing.


  5. Good luck for your battle with bipolar. I am sure that there will be a lot of things for me to learn from your posts.


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  7. I think I need to blog something along the lines of how I thought I was a special case. I am not. I am just another mundane adopted, anxious, ADHD addict with no chance of ever doing anything good in the world.



      • All good, thanks for the comments on mine too… nzfiend.wordpress.com
        I am having trouble working out how to follow your main blog… Have looked at it previously etc etc etc. Maybe when I finally get the internet connected at home I will work it out fully!

        Like a moth around a naked flame…..


      • I have spent the whole day yesterday reading your blog and a another log , I ended up reading all day long as I was having a “poor pitiful me day”. Thank you for throwing some strenght my way.
        I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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