You’re lips are not listening


Your lips are magic, so full and inviting.
But why are they moving when should be listening?
Why don’t you hear me , I have something to say.
You’re getting comfortable, undoing your shirt , there’s no need for that .
And then I feel your breath so close to my face ,
I have turn away, before I walk away. No you’re not listening,
I can’t save this for another day .

I was a cliche: a bird with broken wings-forever caged.
I never took responsibility for this prison I had built for myself. I
instead I blamed others, the people who had hurt me so much that I had swore I’d never fly again.
I thought that I was trapped by the regrets and the loss I had suffered.
Numbing myself, trying not to look at myself
I closed my eyes to something I did not want to see, This will not define me .
Time passed-slowly.
And one day I woke up. There was no more pain, only a strange sense of relief and understanding.
My cage became a sanctuary as my grip on the past loosened. Time passed again, but I was not so lonely; it gave me a chance to learn about forgiveness.
I forgave those who had hurt me and I forgave myself.Suddenly the pain was gone.

Life became valuable again.
I bow my head, I release my sins . And this I say, Amen.
And then,
I was finally free to fly.


3 responses to “You’re lips are not listening

  1. For me, forgiving myself was the hardest part. People treated me as if I wronged them so, but I don’t remember….lost time, they called it, I called it crazy. How could I have done such things that are out of my norm? How could I not remember? Then I became more and more the “moody” person people spoke of, but I didn’t know why. Was I wronged by others during this….YES!
    But as you said….Forgiveness of others and ourselves is very freeing.


  2. Candi

    If I wasnt bipolar, I may be just like everyone else and that would really suck.

    She told me she loved me, which means she must be insane.
    I’ve had my face dragged in fifteen miles of shit,
    And I do not, and I do not, and I do not like it.
    So how can anybody say they know how I feel,
    The only one around here who is me, is me

    They said they respect me, which means their judgment is crazy.
    I’ve had my face dragged in fifteen miles of shit,
    And I do not, and I do not, and I do not like it.
    So how can anybody say they know how I feel,
    When they are they, and only I am I.

    You know.


    • I just taking a guess here.. If you are addressing me as Candi, then we must know each other .The last person to call me Candi, opened the steel bars and yelled “Roll it up”..
      Just saying . Thank you for the comment and here are contact details
      Hugs and a lot of Love x


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