Motormouth Rambles


Just for a second I slipped on my ass and tumble downward into a clockwork orange.
With memories deleted we forgot each others name. The day everything changed,
Mindfully disassociating becomes comfortable almost addicting . Intervention for one ,
re-invention for two.

The place is kind of a mess and I’m not gonna pick it up.
It don’t matter my hair’s a mess cause you’re not gonna
fix it up. I would if could ,just get on with it. But I’m comfortable now .I will take a breath
outside, a stranger place I couldn’t find and no one knows who I am
and you can’t say my name. Can’t think of anything else worse ’cause if I
didn’t fuck it up, you would. Why can’t you just do something right. Just
once change my mind. Cause if you can I’d be the one. You know I am but
you’re so blind, you always were I didn’t catch your name.

So I think I’ll re-invent you, and give you a name

First I would get a firm grip on your neck, pull your head out of your ass, and place it firmly back on your shoulders.
I would then glue your feet to the floor so that you remain upright and firmly grounded.
This would also present me with the perfect opportunity to sprinkle magic dust all over you body, say an “abrakadabra” and BOOM! Instantly de-asshole-ify you.
There you’d be, fixed and ready for the world.



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