A dysfunctional family knows the cardinal rules




The First Commandment:
Thou shalt reinterpret reality to preserve the perfect fantasy.


The Second Commandment:
Thou shalt always send mixed messages, especially when it concerns relationships.


The Third Commandment:
Thou shalt be an adult.


The Fourth Commandment:
Thou shalt keep secrets from others.


The Fifth Commandment:
Thou shalt protect family secrets.


The Sixth Commandment:
Thou shalt not feel.


The Seventh Commandment:
Thou shalt allow your boundaries to be violated, especially by those who “love” you.


The Eighth Commandment:
Thou shalt be hyper-vigilant


The Ninth Commandment:
Thou shalt not let anyone do anything else for you. Do it all yourself.


The Tenth Commandment:
Thou shalt be perfect



I found these 10 commandments of a dysfunctional family as I was surfing the internet ( sorry but I lost the page ).
I have been on a mission to understand myself and my bad choices , which now affect my loved ones.
By no means do I shift the blame anywhere but on myself. For me it’s kind of like what I have heard Oprah say
so often, ” When you know better you do better “.


In my opinion acceptance is not so easy . It’s damn hard to “accept the things that you cannot change “.
It takes effort, commitment, and faith something that an addict lacks. Speaking only for myself once I was able to
accept myself and situation , I wanted to understand it .



” If I can be an example of being sober , I can be an example of starting over ” Macklemore





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