Attitude Reloaded:


Attitude Reloaded:

A manic mind hears the sun is too loud

I’m not lazy… I’m selectively productive! Therefore I am proud to say that all my bitching and whining must have had a positive effect . I am cleaning out my house as if I were cleaning out the baggage in my mind.

I must admit, I was just a bit worried that I was now hoarding.

I cannot pass up  a sale, and don’t get me started on the dollar stores.

Why are they called dollar stores?  

Because if you think that you are going in and coming out with a shitload of “feelgoods” for a dollar, think again.

Those “feelgoods” feelings are replaced  Lickety Split.

Your face is all twisted wondering what happened .

Trying to buy a cheeseburger for all of one cent!

An addict in everything I do, replacing one addiction for something new .

Today’s Load:

2 boxes of my great hash brownie business stuff . ( Bipolar Betty Crocker moment )!

Ah the freezer. Found the hiding Hash Brownies . Trash bound!

19 pairs of gloves

12 old dried out tubes of mascara’s

3 garbage bags of paid bills  **** It’s all digital now            

Betty Crocker logo used until 2003

Betty Crocker logo used until 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 bag of Tupperware – no tops, or bottoms

Minnie Mouse wallet. Really?

WTF, I don’t have a glue.

Clearly, I still have issues.

Uh, am I rhyming now ?


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Manic thinking: independent effects of thought speed and thought …

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Recovering From an Addiction to Chaos


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