Constipated From Shitting Rainbows


Listening too so much shit lately, I think my ears are constipated!

One day I was running and playing and being all happy, then I fell… I tripped on life.

Pissing  glitter and shitting  rainbows.

It’s going to take whatever it takes to get me where I need to be.

I remind myself daily that I will be OK and surprisingly I am.

A friend of mine suggested that I write a letter to myself ( my former self),

and to my Dad.

He told me how liberating he felt . I want this feeling too.

But today , I am going to get off this emotional train wreck.

Today , I am going to pamper myself by going to the sauna & dinner with another

 recovering train wreck.

Tomorrow ,I will hop back on the train and start liberating myself.

Heal the past, live the present, plan the future.

I am swearing a bit much.  Liberating !

Trainwreck ex-boyfriend/drinking on meds. Can I help?

Free Yourself from Addiction’s Sticky Hold

How Saunas Work


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