The Hell With Conversations. Is this a Spiritual Awakening ?


“The moment when I accepted that I am Addicted.
I became grateful a dopeless hope-fiend,
instead of the hopeless dope-fiend”



It’s not like it never occurred to me that I was afraid of change .

I am so sick of this baggage. have been here before and I’m not going back again!

Opening my scars


The emotions are so raw , it’s hard to not get caught up in it all.

Skipping unhappily down memory lane,

I have stirred the shit up now .
My heart is aching and scarred, All the forgotten memories
turning me upside down again.

I sit, I think , I reflect ,

Another day of looking back at me
Add another page , only to hit delete again.
Not “shit” to say until I release myself from this prison I’ve been in.

Everyday I deal with this, a paragraph at a time .

The sun is too loud , I feel freedom
I’m going to change my ways.

Add another page

Acceptance , and NOT accepting the things that I cannot change.

Not Accepting that Addiction is forever, thinking of the moderation that never came.
Having no faith, the door has always remained open.

It’s been a hot chilly mess that I have been sitting in

And it hits me

Honesty is what I’m dealing with, an emotional intervention.

In the deep of own madness of shame and regret .
So many stories running around in my head, I am breaking the silence with myself.

Self destructive or an Awakening?


” Do I give in, give up or get up , wake up and accept right now”


Knowing that I had a book in me somewhere.

 I decided to take a timeout and went about the journey of creating a bestseller.

Ok I had maybe 10 pages of nothing  and several software tools for writing .

I had it all planned out.

Setting myself up in a way that I would just talk and let the computer do the rest.

Stocking up on cigarettes, and avoiding everyone I dug in.

The first week was a whole lot of smoking , thinking and deleting .

I read the first few pages. Confused and thinking I did not tell you to write this shit!!

My THOUGHTS: Has my Mac had a crack attack ?

“Time to cut the shit and get busy “, I would get free pass on this . I let my finger get to work and I start over again.

I would have to get honest.

I almost quit then  .  Re-living  this shit is going to kill me !

That was four weeks ago , I am not dead . Just a bruised and bandaged

Spiritual Awakening ?   I fucking hope so.


Read more below

              Read more below 


I have used alcohol and drugs to be normal. This is not preschool shit,
I have been using for over 30 years of course I am not fucking normal. .

I am a grandma, I am a mother. I am a daughter , I am a sister.
I am a addict!  Sick of lovin’ baggage

I am not an addict that goes out and enjoy partying with friends , living it up, laughing at nothing at all .. hanging in bars, drunk on my sins, being hungover fucking off work again. It has been along time since I rolled over forgetting about the man laying beside me . I have been through, “when I get 30 years old, I will stop, ok, when I get 40 “that’s it”!I have already done these things.
Instead of accepting change , because in my mind I can’t change .
I will die.
That is what I accepted .
I didn’t just want to get fucked up. Nope, this time I knew that it would be my last . .Simply just letting go. Letting go ……It’s over and silent now.
I have been sharing on another blog (MCA), but I found it hard to share here on this blog. mainly for the fact that it is linked to my Facebook and Twitter. By the way I will be changing my social network settings. It’s about to be unleashed . It’s personalI have secrets to let go I never understood that , how you have to let go of secrets.  I take deep breath as I am feeling fear now .I have been struggling . I guess that is why I had to lockdown. I have been fooling myself lately, no let me refrain that . I thought that I could handle a my addiction. Drinking a bit here and there…. until I wanted more and more.

Fuck letting go, I just ignored it . The ceiling could not hold the shame .
Feeling helpless Yes I am a mother What do I look like ? Check Facebook.Please don’t allow my mistakes to define you .Abandoned ? I’m sorry.
Sinking into depression, am I back here again.

I wrote this the other day. I struggled with myself about if I would share this . It was as if I saw the Addicted Me for the very first time. I saw and felt years of pain. It came down to get it over with, or survive. Not feeling so much like a survivor,  I dropped to my knees.I prayed for a higher power, which shocked me. I grew up going to school on Sunday’s..Yet,
I found myself begging God to let me back into “the circle of trust
The circle of his love.

I would like to thank the ladies that offered phone numbers , held me as I cried , as I fell to my knees. You stayed with me for many hours. You did not judge me. you watched as the guilt and shame lifted off my shoulders . You tucked me in bed with a hug,

I did not suffer alone . And I thank you .

And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.

When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation-some fact of my life unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake

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-The Shade Tree Choir-
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