Just a hot mess

I am not perfect, I know that very well, but that is OK. I embrace my perfect imperfectness because if I do not, no one will.

I am sensitive and struggle with insecurities due to the choices I have made along the way. Learned to hate myself, to my very core before I knew how to love who I am.
I was destroyed by others, left a shell, all because of the cover on my book. I was and still am defined by my cover, but to be measured by the content of my character would be divine.

I am…. I am not perfect, but unique and strong and resilient and better I will become.. I am a mother, a daughter, I am a best friend but also a worst enemy. I am romantic, tender and sentimental, but also passionate, seductive and erotic. I am reserved and shy, but can become bold and determined. I am guarded and private, but can become an open book with the right person.

I wear my heart on my sleeve as it tends to rule my life…. those I love, I love ‘til death and I love deeply whether they ask for it or not. I am un-judging, tolerant and accepting, and can become quite stubborn because of that. I am down to earth, quite grounded indeed but my mind wanders through the clouds for I am creative and wild. I am sensitive, this multi meaning of words, sensitive towards self, sensitive to others (human or animal) and sensitive to the unseen. I take things to heart, but I am not easily offended, except by blatant personal attacks which is where the line gets drawn.

Life is an adventure filled with risks. Life should not be filled with regrets. I can tell you that while I have lots of work to do on myself to improve, I would never strive to be perfect. I will always be able to improve on who I am, but to be quite honest, there is no one else I’d rather be!

Before you judge a book by its cover, sit your ass down and open the book
PERFECTLY CIVILIZED ( a look back in time)

Drinking Bipolar

Lemons and midlife


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