Soda becomes beer. Bikes become cars. Imagination fades and incomes lack of ambition.

Remember when Mom yelled out “ dinner’s ready “, washing up was the last thing on your mind . Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on Earth and was your hero?


Race issues were only about who ran the fastest, and War was only a card game. Waiting for the best part of the day and screaming your head off as if your life depended on it, “ the ice-cream truck is coming !“, and whoever tossed the quarter out was the day’s hero, whether it be mom, dad or the old lady next door.


Those summer days when you could count on grabbing a quick bowl of cereal, throwing on your play clothes. God forbid the school clothes or church clothes. Just a pair of shorts and a top, running out the house kissing my goodbye with promises of checking in. Your mission was waiting for your friends to join you.


On our planet at the time , no talk of parents fighting, separation of families, no understanding of the alcoholic parent or who has the best cell phone, what the hell was a IPhone? If it wasn’t the latest toy that could measure up to my Big Wheel, Baby Alive Doll or the latest G.I Joe Doll from the kid down the street, tagging along with him was his thumb sucking brother blanket in tow.
Building forts, playing school ( why we did this I still can’t understand, but it was the game I enjoyed most).


None of us knew about Addiction, the pain that follows Love and it’s up’s and down’s. Being a single parent and it’s struggles. Most of us hadn’t even learned about sex, and those of us that had even a hint of what it was thought it was ukkie, nasty, plain gross.


Mental disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety or Addiction etc… really meant crazy, people we never saw. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knee, and goodbyes only meant till tomorrow?


And we couldn’t wait to grow up…








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