Spring in Saggy out !


Good morning all.

As I sit here having a cup of coffee this morning ( 6.00 am), it has hit me that I haven’t been blogging for almost a week. At least it seems like a week because this girl loves blogging. So let me let catch you up . I am not sure if I am depressed. For once I just may be trying to handle my problems as they have suddenly drained me of all my energy. OK that may have something to do with this cabbage soup diet that I am on. Thank God I love cabbage, and I am still doing the smoothie thing. I am doing all I can to take the Saggy out of Crabby .
I started my day reading a bit of mindfulness, now I have really come to love the website,


I read the following :

Love the process. Have fun. Be playful, cheerful and positive. Give power to positivity. Love yourself, love others and love this life. It is a gift to unwrap each and every day, to gaze upon with new and excited eyes.

I thought ,”oh hell no”. I am not loving the process right now . I am hungry and I am grumpy. My problems with anxiety are kicking me in my fat ass. ( maybe a bit less fat ). I mean I am really trying hard to live a new way . I have stopped most of my bad habits with the exception of the this ciggie hanging out of my mouth . No comments about that please , at least I am not breaking bad. One habit at a time. And then it hits me . I am not superwoman. I have issues with just about everything. I have forgiven myself but I do feel the burden of pain creeping up every now and then . I worried a lot more than I should, and most times I will find something to worry about .

My computer and writing space is located near the window, as I write this the sun is about to come up, I hear the birds, I begin to let the weight of it all fall from my shoulders and just take a second to enjoy the moment. Within minutes I give in to the power of positivity. And just like the true Bipolar that I am , all has changed . I decide to get up make a smoothies and start the day with yoga. Now where did that come from?

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today !

Best cabbage soup diet

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