Conclusions about why the next big trend is breaking up

Drinking Bipolar – Bipolar’s midlife smack down (1)


I want to thank you for all your have given me since we met. I have learned much from you and I will always be grateful for our time together. I am especially thankful for the example you gave me .

This has caused me to make several changes in my life and in my dealings with others. In the past, I have always fallen into a pattern that has been very unhealthy for me.
The pattern is that I try to help my friends to the best of my ability. At first, friends are grateful for my help. Then they grow to expect it. Then they get angry if it is not delivered in exactly the manner that they want, believing that what I had been doing as favors are now my obligations to them.

I feel that our friendship has fallen into that pattern. After thinking about our situation, I have decided that I would rather have no friends in my life than friends who cannot treat me with the respect and courtesy that I am due.
I cannot attract the relationships I want in my life if I always engage in friendships where I am not treated as I would wish. So I think it is for the best if we went our separate ways. This frees us both to spend time with others more congenial to us.

I must let you go on your way without me. I will go on my way without you — along a path where you cannot follow.
From today forward, I will only allow people onto my path who will respect who I am, honor my boundaries, give and take reciprocally, and cherish my love. My highest prayer is that I will act towards others respectfully, appropriately, and with love in all my relationships. So I sincerely wish you all the best.

I hope you find peace, happiness, love and joy on your path. But, if you do, it will be without me. I gave my word at our wedding to love, honor, and protect you. I did my best to honor my word. I would like to think that you did the best to honor yours. But I cannot live with you and give you what you want.

So I thank you for helping me to learn more about who I am and to know what my boundaries are. The past is done and I am not chained to my word. Out of respect and love for myself, I break the chains binding us and throw them down. This frees us both to become who we are.

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