Bipolar Creative Juices.


Me writing a book, what a foolish thought. OK I am trying to write a eBook , just the thought alone is scary as all hell . I am not at all creative or for that matter I have the attention span as a kid seeing the ice cream truck while (what’s her name) my mom is calling me. You see I forgot already. I have muttered around with trying to write this journal, dairy, and hopeful a book for some time. The real problem is my attention span has not recovered. Yes that is me , I am a crazy minded person that is always talking about recovering or in the middle of recovering .As a reader I ask that you have a little faith in me , I really do have something to share .
I am big fan of reading anything and everything that has to do with addiction and bipolar. So I spend a lot of time with my very best friend friend , my computer. I read , I relate, I sometimes cry and many times I am blessed with a stroke of reality. That is what happened last night , after downloading more ebooks that one person will ever read. I came across a site that allows its readers to post chapters or journals of their writings . I happened to mention this to my on and off again boyfriend , I think that we are on now . He has always been somewhat impressed by my writings which I started in the form of a blog . This blog started with a lot of vodka , and a sprinkle of speed ( you know to get the creative juices going ). I am bipolar. There I have said it . I am also facing what might as well the end of me , midlife and addiction.
So you may want to understand me a bit before trying read this , or you just won’t get it at all.
Some warnings,
I am my own midlife crisis
It sucks
I am not alone but the loneliness is killing me
I talk alot
I overdo everything, eating, sharing, drinking , there I said it. Need I say more, you get the idea.
Depression strikes often , a song can drive me to call the nearest hotline
I am bipolar
Somedays, I think I am not bipolar, these days I am manic
I hate being alone
I am alone
I have been deported from the country where all my family lives
I suck at commitments
I hate being sober, it causes pain
I love being sober,I get honest
Regrets, relapse.  


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