I began the day after only a few hours of sleep. You might say that I was just a tad bit manic yesterday/ this morning , and finally fell asleep at 6 am. This is the new me. I have been knitting 6 hats last night. I was on YouTube and thought why don’t i make a hat.. it went on for hours. So Christmas shopping is done. On top of that my friend was also manic and we Skype until 6 am each of us making no real conversation. I was trying to blog, Skype with another Krazy kat and crochet . Every now now and then I would start with the knitting again. most was half ass done, sometimes I would totally forget what the hell I was doing. It was madness…and the this “what’s app” buzzing all night .
The thing is last week I didn’t know how to knit or really crochet. I am feeling a bit normal after a long nap this afternoon and some good meds . So I sat there just staring at my masterpieces, wondering what in the hell made me do that.
Have a great weekend !

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  1. Your blog brought back such wonderful, sleepless, manic nights. Okay, perhaps not so wonderful. I, also, have had many … what the hell made me do that … kinda moments. Any who, take care, continue to take your meds, and, please, continue to write your blog, as you are rather good at it.


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