Laugh even through your heartbreaks.


After being played, hurt, abused and insulted:
Love turns to anger and then indifference when we’re indifferent towards somebody that’s when their power over us is broken and we’re finally able to reject them when they come back, allowing us to leave them in the past (where they belong) and be able to move on.
Have faith in yourself you can move on from any situation, relationship or person that’s not serving your best interests in every way, shape or form.
Move on to better things ahead… Go on do it. Trust that better things will find their way to you, forget about the rest!
It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to the laughter. You may have left him/her but don’t lose sight of yourself. You can be happy without them. True joy comes from feeling complete without an S.O.B. When you feel happy about yourself. When you look to yourself to fix the problems in your life. Not trying to find an S.O.B to fix you.
Anyway, that is what I’ve learned through my heartbreaks. This may not apply to your situation. But maybe it will ring true with someone. Smile and laugh even through your heartbreaks. Laughing and smiles automatically makes your mood better and relieves some stress. Being positive, talking and thinking about positive things in your life will make it much easier to move on.
It’s hard to let go of something that you thought was amazing. But if they loved you wouldn’t they have put in more effort?

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