Trivial bits about me


Trivial bits about me

1. I am a hopeless romantic

2. I believe I know what emotional abuse feels like. I believe what I have been through can be classified as this.

3.I hate goodbyes.

4. I can be very blunt and honest in my opinions, though I try to be diplomatic and patient with everyone.

5. I can be very stubborn.

6. At times, I can also be easily hurt, by people I have allowed close to me. Generally I have strong walls, though some people manage to filter through in various degrees.

7. I can be sensitive. If I am sensitive to someone, it is because I see them close to me. And the effect of this can be worse if I am having a bad day already. I am working on my reaction to peoples mean or judgmental words, or upsetting words, or sometimes their flippant or mocking attitudes, and trying to keep my calm and respond with dignity.

8. I have now become cynical and skeptical of most things.

9. I put more value on gestures and intent

10. I have been told by some people, males especially, I intimidate them. I have no idea why.

11. For me, the long lasting attraction comes if I am attracted to his mind. All other attractions are just in passing and nothing I will do anything about.

12. I am flirty, but the innocent, feel good kind. I do not flirt with the intention or expectation of it to lead anywhere, and this is clear from how I flirt.

13. I believe in the policy of live and let live.

14. I am becoming a confident and strong woman, though I am not free from insecurities. I do have them.

15. I will not hold grudges, but I will be extra aware of someone who has done something to upset me or slight me. I will withdraw if I sense they are doing it again.

16. I hate hypocrisy and manipulative mind games.

17. I have been shot in the head once when I was in my late 20’s

18. I have used many many drugs for most of my life, I still struggle with recovery

19. How do I say this in a gentle way? Screw it I love vodka

20. I still drink sometimes when I am overwhelmed , still a struggle

21. I am lonely for passion

22. I am ready to either make this relationship a real commitment , or walk away. For good.

23. At times, I can also be easily hurt, by people I have allowed close to me. Generally I have strong walls, though some people manage to filter through in various degrees

25. I am not close to my family anymore. ( except for my mom)

26. I have 4 children that I haven’t seen in over 10 years

27. I have been deported from the USA

28. I live life with regrets, it causes my need for numbing myself

29 . I miss being in love, it happened once

30. I am in a relationship for 5 years, we act like brother and sister

31. I am trying very hard to get my shit together and get back home , to the USA

32. I live in Amsterdam

33. I have a serious chronic illness

34. I HATE being middle age

35 .I think I am in a mid life crisis

36. I didn’t know my own strength

37 . miss my family

38. I have been in prison

39. I am not there now and learned a lot from the one time that I was there.

40. I am just me, I am learning that I have to fight for my sanity as well as my life. I am fighting .

Please come and join the forum that I put together. I have a huge wish to turn this bipolar into a fighting passion where I can learn more and help others.
Drinking Bipolar’s Happy Hour Forum


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