Stuck in the moment of “what if”

I wonder what life is all about, who controls what happens in life and who made up all the rules in life. The whole “life isn’t fair…” should be re-looked at, I think. But then again, “being fair” to one person is “being unfair” to another one, so I guess there is a balance in life and stuff. It just kind of sucks when you’re on the other end of the balancing scale and stuff…

I wonder were all that “inner strength” comes from. you know how people tell you, “you’re strong, you can make it….you have that inner strength” or something like that….where does that inner strength come from and where can you buy more of it?! *laughs* If only I could buy more of it.

I wonder who is is that plays with your emotions. I know that you supposedly have control over your emotions, but sometimes it just gets out of hand ,and then you do stuff that you regret, or not…but why does it get out of hand, when for the longest time you had control over it.
I wonder if just because you give up, does that still mean that you’re a quitter? Hm…maybe saying “give up” should be changed to “doing something different” or something like that. But what if you don’t want to quite, but you realize that you’re working for nothing, so you change your plans, does that mean you still are a quitter?

I wonder if you do quit, does that mean you are a loser? Like , will you always be quitting everything that you do…making you a loser in everything you do?

I wonder how you can live the life you want, without disappointing other. I really wonder this, because it seems as if I’m always disappointing people and yet, I’m still not happy, because I’m still trying to please them…something that can never happen, and I guess this just makes me stupid now because I realize this, but I’m still trying. But I know that if I stop trying, them I’m stopping my attempt of being happy.
I wonder why people assume things a lot. And expect things a lot. And if they don’t get it, they are disappointed. Like they assume that you are okay…but when you’re not they “have to” sit there listening to all your woes and stuff…when in reality you were just supper to say, “I’m good.”

I wonder why people like to pretend they know how you feel…when no one knows how you really, truly feel…yeah, I think that people could know how you might feel…but that’s about it–since everyone is unique.


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