getting the groove back ( sort of)

OMG! What a rough time it has been these past few months( and it isn’t over yet ) . I am going to be honest and tell you that it will take me some time to be a active blogger again. Not much time but just a bit more I am afraid. It has been a good 2 months and I need to get caught up on things around me. I have missed posting everyday. Some of you were a great help to me as this trip was not easy. It did show me who my inner circle was and who really cared for me . On a sad note , it also showed me who didn’t. I will leave it at that as I am trying to move on. Let’s talk about mom’s and handbags : I loved it when peeking into my moms handbag. The smell of it , old cigarattes at the bottom, where she never looks , there is loose change loose mints, and speces of tobacco from her cigarattes. I recall bringing the bag to my face and inhaling as deeply as I can. I love that memory . who knows maybe I was already screwed at this point ( I know I started smoking way too young and the rest followed shortly afterwards. ) Still I love the smell of my moms bag ! Thanks mom for all the daily phone calls and support.



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