Don’t Take it So Serioulsy


Happy Friday
Is that sunshine that I am hearing. Are the birds really singing for me. Because I can swear that they are  singing to me loud and clear. I am not annoyed this morning that they are waking me up. No yelling , no throwing the pillow at the window. Nope , I got up and unless I have reached a new phase of illness, it feels as if the annoying sounds coming from the window are  talking to directly to me. OK, to the normal person maybe that does  sound a bit off . But if you have been reading my blog you already that I am anything but normal, or rather this my normal. Lets bypass the birds , I got up this morning and the feeling of helplessness and despair isn’t digging at my heart, trying to lead me to the other side . Depression. I really hate it. I don’t have to tell you but it sucks. In the past two days I have been watching non stop on YouTube “True Crime “ episodes. As I open the windows and let some air in, it occurs that I have been stuck in the world of Paula Zahn .  Also I think that I better say that I am not promoting alcohol , of course I know it is better without it. I do enjoy a drink every now and then so :
Don’t Take it So Serioulsy

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