Wacky fun Bipolar Test


Many people aren’t sure if they are suffering bipolar disorder, but you may want to consider the fact that you may be slightly bipolar if you frequently experience:


Headaches from all of the mimes yelling at you.

Strange looks from people while getting the feeling that you are saying the same sentence for the fifth time.

A sensation of loss when the voices in your head go away to take a short rest during the afternoon.

The desire to write a letter to Robin Williams telling him to add some life to his performances, as they are boring you.

The feeling that you totally understand the mysteries of life, but simply can’t figure out whether to toast your bread facing forward or backward.

Sense begins to matter much less as matter begins to sense much more.

Exhaustion from vacations that took you to exotic foreign countries for a fortnight, even though you haven’t left your chair.

A distaste for the same food that you have been eating for the last three months: Antacid tablets.

A strong desire to learn how to bark just so you can tell your dog to shut up.

The irresistible urge to make a scientific breakthrough in the study of how to administer caffeine intravenously.

The feeling that you are just one really hard flap away from flying away
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