Drinking Bipolar

It means never being able to own fully your emotions, because wait five minutes and they’ll change;
It means spacing out important details of your life, such as needing to pay that bill, or that project you’ve been meaning to get around to
It means lying awake at night while the thoughts race through your head and your heart pumps faster thousand miles an hour;
It means that dreadful crash, the one that leaves you afraid to get out of bed, the one that leaves wondering how you’re going to survive another month, for fear your heart will simply give out;
It means knowing way too f***ing well where Kurt Cobain is coming from;
It means living like you’re on speed for days or weeks on end;
It means being complimented and obsessing over why you couldn’t have done even better;
It means being devastated by even a casual remark that upsets your ego;
It means having people think  a drama queen.


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