Chasing Cougars


Is it possible to drink yourself normal? Fingers are crossed , breathing is going faster,my nails are digging into my skin, It is almost orgasmic to think I have hit the motherlode followed by an unfamiliar coughing voice and pinching myself ,painfully sober .Reality slowly comes back as my aching bones try to manage the covers that are wrapped in a way that lets me know that I at least did my best to fight this aging “night robber”. OMS, please just make it all go away . I am not in the mood for facing another day of the same shit . That being, said I jump from the bed and face the demon in the hall. The mirror that I would like to toss except I paid way to much for it and i refuse to have a bipolar moment , otherwise would have nothing , sit on , sleep on, let’s not even go there about clothes.
I waddle down the hall barely making it to the bathroom and I stop. What is she doing here, I ask myself? I thought I kicked your ass to the curb. I can go on for hours with this , me talking to my former self ( must be being held hostage ). That is what I call the person that I was until that eventful day when it all went south. Next , I have to ask what exactly is a Cougar ? Am I a cougar ? After seeing the show I suddenly had a new awaking , no it was over The mirror is going out this afternoon . I am going to be a cougar, I will not be tossed ! I practice on perfecting a sexy meow. 

All about the Scars 


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