I can still cut the mustard…I just need help opening the jar

What was life like before I found the madness? I have been busting my a** all day to remember . What I find so sad is, I am having such a hard time remembering . I know that I have said that this must be a mid-life crisis but to be honest I have always had one crisis or another , is it just that I am ready to know myself . I am single ouch .. I never felt like it was a problem until recently , I look in the mirror and see myself changing ,knowing that the changes are coming faster and faster . In my mind, I have already put myself into a nursing home. Lately I’m thinking of who will take care of me , as if I am about to agree willingly to let anyone change my shitty diapers . I was on the metro today and I really found myself behaving like one of those little old ladies that dig deep into their purse for the candies that have been there for at least a century . I caught myself only because of the nice gray hair man that belonged to the little old lady was looking at me. I blushed ! OMG!

Putting all pride aside , time for online dating ,stay tuned. Know any good sites where I won’t be running into good ole Larry


2 responses to “I can still cut the mustard…I just need help opening the jar

  1. Oh, but Larry was so damned appealing, how can you resist?! You have tons of willpower, obviously. I personally can’t stay away; I believe it may be his “devil may care” stance, with the trou’s at half mast. Along with all the rest of him. Keep us posted, sis. I need my laffs xo


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