I’m Listening


3 responses to “I’m Listening

  1. Ola! Brokenopenscars,
    Neat Post, the ex boyfriend does not want to be round me. he states simply because I do not clean and I am stubborn, and if I retain the little one it will lead to him worry and drama, and he isn’t going to want to be related to me for living due to a young child. Not to point out, he is just impolite and disrespectful, and he has threatened me a very few occasions. Most people says I should not hold the child, but I feel harmful aborting which is murdering a fetus, on the grounds that of his absence of immaturity. He functions usually, and he hasn’t quite a bit education or deliver the results go through, but could I listen to him pressuring me. It truly is not just that, visitors say I should not want to be linked to a man like this the rest of my everyday living, with attempting to keep the child!
    Great Job!


    • I am very sorry that it took so long to reply to your comment. First of all thank you . I hope that you are ok. Let’s just face it some men are asshole’s. I have hanging on to the same guy for 5 years. he still says , ” I d’ont know where we stand” I have had enough but walking away is hard and you need support . So I am leaving the damn country for a few months. It sounds like you already know what you want. hang on .


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