Hello world!

Midlife you say , crisis for sure)Take the woman, Check her eyes and her skin to make sure that she hasn’t gone past the sell-by-date.Add the guilt, anticipation, insecurity, excitement, despair and panic ..let’s not talk about the manic .Mix thoroughly and leave to simmer. In a medium size bathroom prepare the woman by shaving legs , coloring of the grey hair and painting her toes. But this only after the dead skin on the heels have been scrubbed away. Baste generously in expensive body lotion . Add the stockings, a matching pair of panties ( in hopes that you have a G-string large enough ) and sexy push up bra.  In my case I must admit I have been blessed not to concern myself with this… but keeping them up is a whole new ball game !The, have a couple of practice runs at looking seductive by letting the hair fall over the face and batting the fake eyelashes . I can never get those eyelashes on, so not really working .Now in closing add a generous helping of whore-red lipstick, many layers of mascara, a short mini that was hot in the 80’s and last of all add the “come do me pumps” only now they are silk black flats instead of pumps… And 1 bottle of Wine , vodka whatever it may be ….Later there is no trace of the smiling well made up, semi attractive woman that once looked back in the mirror. Only a red face , puffy eyed, blotchy-skinned wreck.

2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. I refuse to put myself through that ritual … but I’ve always been more of a natural (some people call it earthy or hippyish) kind of gal. A little powder to cut the glare of my oily skin, a good conditioning and comb through of the hair – maybe a little blow drying, I squirt of body spray and go!


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