Creating the Drama within

Hello Everyone ! I know that I haven’t been posting as often as normal.

Shit Happens , I am sure that you have survived . If you have been following my blog then you know that I have my hands full with interesting but necessary shit such as social living , as I am not social enough. ( Must not have seen the face-book friends , speaking of which where are you people. ?) A structure class., hopefully we are going to start way back, something like pre-school. And of course I cannot forget the wonderful Lifestyle class . You should have seen my face when I found how that this had nothing to do with fashion or with … fashion !

I am saving the highlight of it all, these wonderful classes are all done in dutch and while I can understand dutch fairly well I can’t help but say to myself

Self “What the fuck”

This is just what I am thinking , which is not saying much ! But don’t it get it twisted, I am starting to bounce back. ( that is just me having a happy wanna be bipolar moment , cause this shit isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Shit—- Did I just say that scary commitment. Yes I did. ( I can think of a few people making the sign of the cross at this very moment.

Trying so very hard to stay in control , rather than just come to terms with “It is what it is”.

Stop fighting ,I tell myself, I am completely overwhelmed , alone or just feeling alone, and double fucking mad.. that I am going through this. Yes I am having my 5 mins of whining today , if it is too much

“Jammer dan” ( To Bad or a Pity in English)!!!!

And here is the really crazy insane part , as I sit here handwriting this in class I have had to re-read my notes because when I started this today , I am very sure that I was bloody mad about something. ( I am sure it had to do with me not getting my way )

Taking all that into consideration, I guess things are just the way that they are meant to be at this moment…. or am I acting like a bipolar hooker with no customers . ( NOW THAT IS A JOKE PEOPLE )

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