If you think that this is about you…..it is!

I hate that we live in a world that steps on the nice ones. Yeah it makes me feel special sometimes but that’s only when I’m on the floor with dirt in my face, and you can’t appreciate being special in that condition. You run a life of just screwing well-deserving people over for those that are only out there for themselves. You are teaching everyone around you to lie cheat and steal to get what you want. You are destroying good intentions, and you are making people feel so bad about themselves. You are making them feel little. You are the little one. Short jokes aside, you honestly suck the confidence and the love out of everyone around you. You feed on it. And when you cripple away from the karma and the bad thoughts you’ve caused, everyone in your life will sigh with relief. And I pity you for that. But I don’t sympathize. You do it to yourself. Insecurity is not a big enough excuse.
And guess what that did it !!!

If you think that this is about you…..it is! Of course this is meant for you


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