Kiss my Gritts

I am writing today not to complain or just talk about my bipolar ( and I do think that it is mine ) I am writing today because after finally giving in and taking the damn medication ( I have gained tons of weight ) I feel that I will be OK .. or rather I am handling things better . For the first time in 2 yrs I am not having this ongoing conversation with myself in my head …and sometimes out of my head. But I miss the way I was creative when I was manic. I really felt alive . But I blocked out the important things such as my bills and work… in my head I had a great plan. I cant recall that great plan and the laptop isnt my best friend anymore …that sucks !! I must be honest and admit that a part of me thinks that I am fine and it is ok to stop the medication.. I have looked up most medication for bipolar and weight gain is gonna happen period. So you may ask why don’t I just work out!! Kiss my gritts

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