Not A good idea ….

I don’t know why but today I woke up and I am so fu*king mad that I have this BP… From one day to the next I am changing ( even with  the medication ) Ok it isn’t so bad but still I feel like shit .
I know that this will pass.. Last year for some dumb reason I thought it would be a good , no GREAT idea to take a loan ( a big loan ) …. Now I am in debt and I have no idea where I spent this huge amount of money. Since leaving the clinic I have done my best to call and try to make some arrangements…
It is making me insane crazy…. so guess what I am going to do today ? Nothing !!!!!
I need to get a hold of my emotions ….. oh yeah there’s that lovely ” feel good pill”.
mmmm not that sure about that . But I am taking the meds.
Talk to you all later when I have touched ground….. 

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