It is important to be grateful because there always is someone who has it worse than you do. You will be able to realize how blessed you are to have what you have.

Being grateful for what you have also is important because you will become a happier person overall. You will not have negative thoughts that bring down your spirit because you are happy with what you have. This does not mean that you should settle. It simply means that you are able to realize what you have and appreciate it. You realize that you could have nothing, so you should be happy for what you have. When you focus on what you do not have in life, you never will be happy. Even if you get those things, you will worry about losing them. This is why you should appreciate what you have. I am just feeling grateful for many things.. In a strange way I am grateful for even the times when I felt as if ” I was left out here on my own “.


If your arteries have hardened

And arthritis slows your gait,

If your tired blood is stubborn,

Not inclined to circulate;

If your dancing days are over

And you cannot do the twist,

If your time is spent in brooding

O’er the many things you’ve missed.

If you’re constantly complaining

On your rocker or your couch;

If you’re ornery and cranky

And becoming quite a grouch;

Well, if this is your condition

And you get no sympathy,

Then it’s time you started trying

A new kind of therapy.

Though you have your share of trouble,

Think of others with more pain,

Like the fellow in his wheelchair,

Who will never walk again.

Take time to write a letter.

And while pen is in your palm,

Thank the good Lord up above you,

For the use of that right arm.

Try relaxing in the sunshine,

Note each flower, bird and tree,

Then appreciate your eyesight;

There are many who can’t see.

When you tune in television

And each sound is loud and clear,

Just think of those who’d give a lot,

If only they could hear.

Yes, I’ve practiced what I’m preaching,

And I’ve learned there’s joy to reap;

If you stop and count your blessings

And just “think before you weep”.

~~ Author Unknown ~~


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