Tonight I am just sitting here thinking about relationships.
I am puzzled!Being in a relationship does NOT make you happy all the time. It does not cure whatever issues you have with your self-perception or identity or family. It might help, but you WILL still be sad sometimes. You will still get angry at traffic and come home in a bad, angry mood. You will still sometimes feel left out of a conversation. Having a spouse does not cure ANY problem you already have. Expecting it to will only cause irrational disappointment in the significant other for not living up to some unspoken, imaginary standard. This is something I have just come to terms with.
You do not actually get to spend the first year being isolated in a rapturous glow of love, sex, flowers, and kittens. You will be called upon (often! in some cases) to visit your inlaws before you really want to. You will continue to go to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. here will be moments of disappointment along with all the moments of glee. The reality is simply that its not always giggles and rainbows.
But then again, on the other hand, there is nothing in the world liking being lucky enough to wake up every day next to the person who loves you more than anything… who thinks you are perfect and lovely and good and just the perfect fit. It means everything. It makes everything possible.
Now I must ask , do I love me enough to expect this out of a relationship. Today I am taking a look at what I want and why I have settled for less. I am trying my best to be honest with myself so that in the end … it will be all roses with whom ever I choose to lay my head next to ….


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