Oh boy can this illness make a person sick. That is just a fact. I guess you can change that sentence around- We all get sick and tired of having this illness. I have just come off a 3 day manic merry go around. I had no desire to get in bed and sleep it feels like a real waste of time. It takes more meds to knock me out and there is a chance I will be even more manic the next day.
Here are some things I may think when I’m manic at night:
Sleep is SUCH a waste of time.
It’s only 1:00 AM. I could go to the grocery store right now!
The tile really needs to come up in the bathroom.
These manic thoughts can be funny- but many people including myself act on them! When you have insomnia, you just lie in bed and punch your pillow and wish you could just get some sleep so you won’t be tired the next day!

I managed to keep it to myself but failed at going into work. Which is not going to stress me until next week Tuesday. Still I slept a good 12 hours after days with no sleep. Anyone know the feeling of wanting to sleep but can’t.. only makes it worse. Today is a good day because I can get work done- today.
Isn’t it amazing what stress can do to our bodies and minds…
It hits us harder- that’s for sure. It’s amazing if you are aware of your anger and frustration- and can keep it from ruining relationships and getting you into trouble. I was majorly irritated yesterday and even yelled at a friend- I felt terrible and then realized that is not the real me and I have to manage myself better.
I talk to myself like this constantly- even with the stress is overwhelming.
It may feel great to be on a manic high, decisions are made that are easily regrettable in a short
Speaking of being manic, many people with this kind of hypomania drink and do drugs, rarely sleep, make very dangerous decisions, upset their families, leave their jobs, travel without thinking and spend money like crazy. It can actually be very destructive- the problem is when I feel this mania it feels so good, and I can ‘t see the destruction. Then, I go go down after a hypomania. ‘What goes up most come down’ is applicable here.
So far I am feeling fine . I just looked around my apt and can see that I was very busy. It is a mess. Time to clean up and get some fresh air today.
Oh.. and use my Wii Fittness!!!!


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